An iMessage Sticker Pack


In this Privacy Policy “We” refers to Regis Frey, Dilara Semerci in their partnership “R&D Gamelabs”.

We have no access to your messages.

We collect data on your website vist.

E.g. how long you stopped by, what links you clicked on. We collect this via Google Analytics. We use it to improve our website.

Apple collects some data on downloads and usage.

E.g. # of downloads, how often the app is opened. This data collection is anonymous or requires opt-in. We use this data to track sales and improve the stickers app.

We don’t sell your data to 3rd Parties

We make money of stickers, not your data.

We don't share any data, except in the sense that it is already shared with the collecting company (e.g. Google, Apple)